Item Type:Cap
Size:diameter: 250mm
Model Number:Hair salon Cap-1
type use:Dyeing, perm, Hair care,easy to use
1:Have ventilation holes
2:10-15 Minutes to complete a perm hair dye
3:No radiation, safe, easy to use
total length:103cm, Error 2 cm



Safe to use, comfortable and convenient

The bonnet can be used for deep conditioning, hot oils and heat treatments  

Elastic at the end of tube holds the hood on the hair dryer

Drawstring to tighten around head

Use with hair dryer 

Material: nylon

Item weight: Approx. 60g

Color: Random delivery    

Package included:

1 pc Hair Dryer Hood Bonnet

Diffuser-Hairdryers-Perm-Hair-Styling-Tools-Warm-Air-Drying-Baking-Oil-Cap-Safer-Than-Home-HeatingEasy-use-Hair-perm-hair-dryer-nursing-dye-hair-modelling-warm-air-drying-treatment-cap-homeHTB1UNqhNpXXXXX8XpXXq6xXFXXXPDiffuser-Hairdryers-Perm-Hair-Styling-Tools-Warm-Air-Drying-Baking-Oil-Cap-Safer-Than-Home-Heating (1)Diffuser-Hairdryers-Perm-Hair-Styling-Tools-Warm-Air-Drying-Baking-Oil-Cap-Safer-Than-Home-Heating (2)Diffuser-Hairdryers-Perm-Hair-Styling-Tools-Warm-Air-Drying-Baking-Oil-Cap-Safer-Than-Home-Heating (3)Diffuser-Hairdryers-Perm-Hair-Styling-Tools-Warm-Air-Drying-Baking-Oil-Cap-Safer-Than-Home-Heating (4)

Weight N/A

silver, pink, Black


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