Product parameters

Product material: cotton fabric + PP plastic

Current/Voltage: 5V/2A

Heating method: USB (chargeable treasure/mobile phone charging head available)

Heating gear: hot compress 45-55-65 three-speed temperature adjustment, front support 5-speed height adjustment

Packing size: 25*19.5*22cm

Default packing method: non-woven bag

Product Net Weight: 420g Product Gross Weight: 440g

Box size: 52*46.5*41cm FCL gross weight: 6kg Packing quantity: 8pcs

Certification: Appearance Patent



Liftable and adjustable fixed thermal traction, 60% higher traction

Used for traction correction of cervical lordosis, straightening, anti-bow, cervical spinal canal hyperplasia, stenosis pain, etc.

Hot compress can promote blood circulation, help the water and inflammation of cervical spine, nerve root, joint capsule, muscle and other tissues to subside, and prevent various middle-aged and elderly diseases.

Protect the front sensitive parts of the neck from compression, adjust traction and fixation.

Package Contents

Strength suit*1

USB cable*1






Weight 750 oz


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