Number of massage heads: 16


Massage principle: hot compress


Power supply mode: car power supply


Function: Infrared physiotherapy


Control method: computer type


Gear: 1 gear


Color: 4-button beige, 4-button brown, 4-button black


Specifications: Chinese specification power supply, English specification European specification power supply, English specification American specification 110V, English specification British specification


Physiotherapy classification: Infrared



Product introduction of red light heating kneading shawl:

3D acupressure and kneading, deep massage of the cervical spine

Intelligent control panel/hot compress therapy/positive and negative automatic replacement/U-shaped design

Breathable cooling mesh/


Applicable occasions: home, car, office, beauty salon, etc.


Massage Shawl Parameters-


Product input voltage: AC220V


Product output voltage: DC12V


Rated power: 24W


Rated frequency: 50HZ

product instructions

Press the power button on the upper left corner of the car easily once, the product enters the automatic massage state, and the product starts the kneading massage at the same time.


With the heating function, the kneading massage function will automatically reverse the massage every minute.


Press the power button again, the product turns off the heating function, and only retains the kneading function to adapt to the requirements of different users and environments.

Press the power button again, the product restarts the heating function, and the button functions cycle in this way.


Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds, the product is turned off, and the system returns to the standby state.


In order to use the product better, the system has an automatic timer function of 20 minutes. It is recommended to turn off the machine for half an hour after each use.


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Weight N/A

4 button brown, 4 button beige


EUR Plug, US Plug, UK Plug


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